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High Quality Food Served in a Casual Environment

There are some hip trendy upscale spots that serve high quality food in a casual environment. This is something that is more popular in cities that have a high class population. Manhattan is one of the most famous areas that comes to mind for most people. Seattle is also on that upscale list.

These areas have places that are not black tie restaurants, but the food is still 4 star. This is something that is hip and cool for young entrepreneurs and millionaires that don’t like to dress up. This is a step above the coffee shop, but it is still not too formal.Is this new to you? Catch up here

Lots of these restaurants don’t have a fancy decor or any well dressed staffed members. Everyone is casual, but the food is simply many steps ahead of the rest. This is something that has been tried and tested in smaller cities, but it doesn’t work as well. It is very difficult to get people to pay large amounts for food when they are in such casual environments. It takes an upper class population that doesn’t mind paying for high priced meals to keep these restaurants in business. This is why these establishments are limited in number.

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