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Family Friendly Dining in Northhampton, MA

The Union Station restaurant in Northhampton, MA. The Union Station is one of the best restaurants to go to in Northhampton. There is a lot of different types of food people can order. Hamburgers, steaks, fish, salads and a variety of pasta dishes are just some of the foods that people can expect to see on the menu. The restaurant’s menu is extensive and the food is affordable. A meal may not cost much money at the Union Station but the food is quality and tastes great.

The atmosphere is another reason why people should visit the Union Station.Never heard of this before? Get up to speed here. The place has a laid back atmosphere and is kid friendly. This means that the entire family will love it at the restaurant. It is open 7 days a week and the weekends tend to be very busy. The service is great and the waitstaff is always friendly. It does not take long to get served and the food is always fresh. The place is also very clean inside.

People who visit the city of Northhampton need to make sure that they stop by the Union Station restaurant. The place has the best food in all of Northhampton and people will love what the restaurant has to offer.

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